The gas strut experts in Toowoomba

Gas Struts are a great idea for any application that needs lifting or opening. It takes the strain out of lifting and opening those heavy applications with the minimum of ease, items can be lifted or opened single handed.
When ordering a gas strut for your application we can help you with the following information

  • Make, model, year of vehicle and what region of the vehicle the struts are required for eg Bonnet, tailgate or rear window if required for a vehicle
  • The extended length of the strut from centre of ball cup to ball cup
  • The rod size of the strut and stroke length
  • The Force in Newtons which is typed on the side of the strut, if no information is available and the strut has failed, we may need a second strut if available to weigh, to seek the required information
  • What type and size of end fittings
  • If you require us to calculate the size, force and mounting position for a particular application, we require the following information:-
  • Length (drop) of the door or lid. Measurement is taken from the hinge to the door extremity.
  • Degree of opening of the door. This is taken when the door is in the fully open position, and is taken as a degree figure at the hinge
  • Weight of the door in KGS. The door is weighed at the extremity from the hinge when the door is fitted and approximately half way open
  • The number of struts for the application
  • We have over 65 stock sizes available, from 128mm to 1200mm in length and four different diameters, 6/15, 8/18, 10/22 and 14/28

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